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We Invest in You


Because a Liberal Arts degree is so broad, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start looking for your first job. You may not be sure which career path is best fit for you. It may feel like opportunities are limited to business students. It may feel like employers don't value the skills you bring to the table. 


We get that because we were in the same boat. 


This program is designed to get Liberal Arts students career ready. First we'll train you in the top three office tools employers are looking for— Excel, PowerPoint, and Tableau. Then we'll teach you strategies to maximize your job-searching as a Liberal Arts major, from optimizing your LinkedIn to giving you targeted interview advice based on your field of interest. 

Our program will prepare you so you will be Ready Now (TM) for your career.

Meet The Founders


Hi, I'm


History and Political Science 

SMU Class of 2020

Associate at Capital One

People always ask me how I got hired at a Fortune 100 company and Top 10 bank from my majors. The secret to getting hired isn't what you study; it's how you market yourself to a potential employer. That's why I started Ready Now— to teach Liberal Arts majors how to market their degree, upskill their technical qualifications, and land in-demand jobs.


Hi, I'm


Finance and a Computer Science Minor

SMU Class of 2020

Investment Banking Analyst at PwC 

I'll let you in on a secret - even business majors need to develop hard skills and brand themselves to be attractive to employers. Our degree granted us better access to resources that taught us these skills. Ready Now is here to do the same thing— to be the career readiness resource that your school promised you would have.